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Our house goes on the market tomorrow. Of course, as part of the process, we had a photographer come out and take a bunch of snazzy pictures. I know I love looking at houses, so I thought I'd post a link here. Enjoy the real estate porn!

Also, if you know anyone in the D.C. metro area that is interested in a 3BR townhouse....

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The narrator of the audio book I'm "reading" keeps pronouncing Tribeca like it rhymes with paprika. It's driving me up a wall. I hope nothing happens on Houston St.

Other words she's mispronounced:
Nokia (NAWK-ya)
Cristal (Crystal)
Louboutin, as in Christian (low-BOOT-in)
Vassar (va-SAAR)
Hermes (Herms)
Herbal (she pronounced the H)

I think she just needs to listen to more rap.

Edit: She just mispronounced "hovering." How did she get this job?

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This actually happened a while ago, but I forgot to mention it. I was working my shift at the zoo, when I saw a guy who's shirt said, "Step 1: Cut a hole in the box, Step 2: Put your junk in the box..." and so on. The guy asks me some questions about meerkats, and I answer them and say, "By the way, nice shirt."

And he looks at me all crazy eyed and frantically says, "Can you please tell me what it means? My brother lent it to me and all day long people have been complimenting me on it. I don't understand!"

I told him google would tell him.

For those of you who don't know, 2 is my cat

2 is having surgery on Monday (the day before 2's day) for bladder stones. It's nothing really serious, but it has made me confront the fact that there is no real "immortal option" on a cat that you can get a the time of purchase. I was hoping to get at least another 3 to 4 years out of that fantasy.

After a few years of medicating feral cats, every time I have to medicate 2, I'm like "I am the fucking cat whisperer! I will pill you like a ninja!" I also feel a little embarrassed for 2, because she NEVER sees it coming. The dog gets all freaked out every time he sees me pull the medicine out of the fridge, but she will sit there oblivious until I'm actually scruffing her. Then, she's all like "Holy crap! I'm scruffed! Something bad must be happening!" But, by that point, she's already swallowed the medicine. It's almost too easy. (Please don't let this post come back to bite me in the ass.)

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I need to buy a car to get to the monkey farm, and I thought for sure I would fall in love with the Honda Fit. Last night, I test drove this car and now I feel all conflicted. It was fun and sporty but a little underpowered at high speed. Plus, that blue is a little garish. But, I just don't know if I can beat the combination of reliability and performance for the price. So torn!

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There is a class I think I might like to take this Fall at George Washington University, so I called the registrar's office to see about application procedure. Apparently, calling IS the application procedure. They just asked for my name, SSN, and birthday, gave me a GW ID and that was that. I can register for graduate level classes and everything. Who knew it was that easy?

It is going to cost me three. fucking. thousand. dollars. though, so I guess making the sign-up process painless distracts me while they assrape my bank account.

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My iPod broke this morning. No biggie. I ordered a new pink nano on Tuesay, and it shipped today via FedEx. It will get here tomorrow, right? Nope. Apparently, they ship from China. How the hell am I supposed to go running now? Clearly, I can't just listen to the sounds of nature. That's inhumane. I might as well be injured.

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Most days of the week, I buy a turkey sandwich ($3.99) and a fruit cup ($5-$6) from Whole Foods. I think the fruit cup price is a little excessive, so today I decided to buy a bunch of grapes instead. Now, while the grapes may last more than one day they cost $12.62. Does that seem a little excessive to anyone else? I know Whole Foods produce is over priced, but the grapes aren't even organic. For mangoes or papaya I could maybe see spending that kind of money. But grapes? C'mon.

They are pretty good grapes though.